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Update Linux Server Using Webmin GUI

When there are updates available for your server a notification will appear on your Webmin desktop. This will indicate the number of updates and whether any are security updates.

Webmin Dashboard Updates Entry.

If you click on the line indicating how many updates are available, you will be taken to the Webmin Software Package Update page. In this case it shows 4 updates mainly relating to the package ImageMagick.

On this page you can select/ deselect which updates to proceed with and then click Update Selected Packages.

If there are no updates showing you can use the Refresh Available Packages button to force a refresh and see if there are any server updates.

Webmin Software Package Updates Page

These images show the progress and the confirmation when the updates are completed

Webmin Updates Completed.

Once completed there will be a button saying Return to Package List or if necessary, a button indicating you should reboot your Linux server to complete the updates. If this is the case, you should reboot the server as soon as possible.

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