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Install WordPress Using Virtualmin

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WordPress like Virtualmin is open-source and available to download and install for free and is a leading Content Management Systems (CMS) used by millions of websites. In this article, we show you how to install WordPress onto a site using Virtualmin. We will assume you have already created a virtual server and have set up the default Apache website that Virtualmin provides.

Create a Subdirectory

To provide a little more security and to keep the main web directory more organized, WordPress should be installed in a subdirectory on your web server. To achieve this head over to the left sidebar in your Virtualmin virtual server control panel and select “File Manager.”

Picture of the Virtualmin Sidebar Menu

The File Manager should automatically open pointing to the public_html directory on your website.

From here click the “File” menu item at the upper right of the screen and then click “Create new directory.”

Image of the Create a Directory in Virtualmin form

Type in the name you wish to give the subdirectory where you will install WordPress. We suggest that you choose a name that does not contain WP or WordPress just so it is a little less obvious what is installed in the directory. Once you have typed the name in you can click “Create.”

Assuming all went well you can move on to the next steps.

Run WordPress Install Script

In the Virtualmin control panel head over to the left sidebar again and select “Install Scripts.”

Picture of the Virtualmin Install Scripts Upper Section

Look through the list of available scripts until you find WordPress. Select the circle to the left of WordPress then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Show Install Options” button.

Picture of Virtualmin Install Scripts Lower Page

The page should now show a form (See image below) with options available to help install WordPress on your website.

With reference to the image below, in the “Install sub-directory under public_html” box enter the name of the subdirectory you recently created for your WordPress installation. You may find WordPress has already populated the box with "wordpress" but this can be overwritten.

In the “Database for WordPress tables” box either leave it with the automatically created name or you can select another available database from the dropdown box. If you are ready, you can press the “Install Now” button.

Virtualmin WordPress Install Script Running
Picture of WordPress Install Script Running

When the Virtualmin part of the WordPress install is completed, your PHP server will be restarted and instructions for continuing the installation will appear.

Follow the link where it says “WordPress initial installation finished. It can be completed at http………………..”

Picture of Virtualmin WordPress Install Script Complete Form

Picture of WordPress Language Select Form

Pick the language suitable for your installation and press “Continue

You will now be on the WordPress “Welcome” page. You should fill in all the fields with your information. It is advisable not to pick a Username that is commonly used such as “Admin.” You can keep the password generated by WordPress or create your own password just make sure it is a strong password that you have not used elsewhere. If you make a mistake or change your mind the information can be edited later.

Press the “Install WordPress” button when you have finished completing the “Welcome” form.

Picture of WordPress Install Welcome For

Congratulations you should now have a basic WordPress website.

Picture of the WordPress Initial Welcome Screen

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